Practice Assessment

You conduct medical assessments while VK Consultant Group conducts business assessments. The practice assessment we do can be compared to the history and physical you do on your patients. We examine every aspect of your practice including:

  • Human resources
  • Staffing
  • Billing
  • Compliance with state and federal government
  • New patient intake
  • Fee schedule analysis
  • …. Much more

Our team will perform a thorough assessment to see what areas of your practice are working efficiently and the areas where changes can be made. Once your assessment has been completed, VK Consultant Group will meet with you to discuss the assessment. Your consultant will help you understand what areas can be improved and help you create a plan to improve these areas. You will be set up and ready to make your practice succeed.

You make referrals for your patients when the care they need is outside of your scope of practice. Your practice deserves to be treated the same way. Allow a fresh set of expert eyes to assess, diagnose, and create a treatment plan for your practice. Whether you feel like your practice is “healthy” or “sick,” get your practice examined.