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More people than ever have health insurance and require their providers to be in network with their insurance company, but many physicians do no accept patients with insurance because they do no want to endure the challenging and lengthy process of getting credentialed.


Do you and your staff offer your patients an experience they cannot receive anywhere else?

Your practice is a business that not only offers medical specialties, but an experience; that is why customer service is so important. 

Practice Assessment

You conduct medical assessments while VK Consultant Group conducts business assessments. The practice assessment we do can be compared to the history and physical you do on your patients. We examine every aspect of your practice including:


VK Consultant Group will help you simplify the business part of your medical practice, so you can concentrate on patient care. We strive to be one of the leading medical practice consultant groups that assist physicians in building a new medical practice or improving and growing an existing medical practice. Our goal is to assist you, as a healthcare provider and business owner, in achieving maximum success in your medical practice.

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